We work with businesses in the wholesale sector, helping them manage their economic activity, inventory control and growth.

Αξιοποιώντας την εμπειρία και τη γνώση της ORION S.A, έχουν εκτελεστεί επιτυχημένα έργα σε 250 επιχειρήσεις του Κλάδου Χονδρικού Εμπορίου, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των κλάδων Ξύλου, Μετάλλων, Τροφίμων και άλλων.

250 successful partnerships


Utilizing the experience and knowledge of ORION S.A., successful projects have been executed in 250 companies of the Wholesale Trade Sector, including the sectors of Wood, Metals, Food and others.

ORION S.A is aware of the general environment and the challenges faced in this industry, such as the transport network, credit risks and the improvement of inventory management.

It also understands the prospects and increasing demands, such as order automation, presented in the industry and individual sectors of Greece.

Audit, tax and advisory services for wholesalers

Why choose Orion

Specialized knowledge & many years of experience

ORION S.A has specialized knowledge and many years of experience in the Wholesale Trade industry. It understands the specifics and requirements of the industry, allowing it to provide effective solutions for its customers.

  • Creation of effective working groups: ORION S.A has developed the ability to create effective working groups for project management. This ensures that your projects will be implemented accurately and efficiently.
  • Specialized consultants: ORION S.A has a workforce of specialized consultants, who have the know-how and experience to offer advice on every aspect of the Wholesale Trade Sector.
  • Innovative customized solutions: ORION SA is able to propose innovative solutions that adapt to the requirements of each customer. With knowledge of the latest trends and technological developments, ORION S.A emphasizes on adherence to the timetables for the completion of your projects.
  • Cooperation with businesses: The team of ORION S.A cooperates effectively with your business executives. This cooperation aims at a beneficial outcome for both parties, creating a collaborative relationship with positive results.

By choosing ORION S.A as your partner, you will have by your side an experienced, reliable and specialized partner who will meet your needs and achieve your goals.



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