The ORION CERTIFIED AUDITORS, is an auditing, tax and accounting firm, member of S.O.E.L. (The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece), with its structures to meet the high demands of a modern society.

The company was founded in 2003 and provides auditing and consulting services, with highly specialized professionals in all financial and business fields.
We are based in Athens, but we provide audit, tax and accounting services throughout Greece with highly qualified professionals.

Focusing on our philosophy, to contribute positively to a difficult business environment, we understand needs and particularities, we adapt to them and we always offer the best of our services.

At Orion we believe in information and knowledge and we invest in the timely and validly informed customer. The transfer of knowledge and experience is a key goal in our quest to be really useful and not just accomplices.

The experienced and specialized executives of Orion, with dedication to what they do and with a high sense of responsibility, are the cornerstone of the values ​​we stand for and provide all the guarantees of quality of our services.