Retail & Food & Beverage

We provide accounting and tax support services to retail and catering businesses, helping them achieve growth and efficiency.

Η ORION S.A, οργανωμένη και έμπειρη, έχει εκτελέσει με επιτυχία έργα σε 250 επιχειρήσεις του κλάδου του Λιανικού Εμπορίου και της Εστίασης.

250 successful partnerships

ensuring effective implementation

ORION S.A., organized and experienced, has successfully executed projects in 250 companies in the Retail and Catering sector.

From cosmetics and clothing and footwear to bathroom and kitchen items, as well as coffee chains, ORION S.A knows the industry and understands its peculiarities.

We are here to ensure an effective implementation of your goals, taking into account the general environment, problems and prospects of the industry in Greece.

Tips and support to meet your needs

ORION S.A offers a wide range of services for the Retail and Catering industry.

Through our audit, tax and advisory services, we can meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

With specialized consultants and experience in the industry, ORION S.A is the ideal partner to meet your requirements and provide you with the support you need.

Why choose Orion

Reliability & Expertise

There are many reasons to choose ORION S.A as your partner.

First, we have specialized knowledge and many years of experience in the industry, knowing the trends, challenges and opportunities offered.

Second, we create effective working groups to manage your project, ensuring smooth execution and proper flow of processes.

Finally, we work effectively with your business executives, offering a collaborative relationship with positive results for both parties.

Choose ORION S.A and work with a specialized team that seeks your success.



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