We are aiming to provide Services of high quality to the clients with:


And always with the Basic rule of considering our clients’ needs. For each firm regardless the size, small, medium or large, ORION AUDITprovides the appropriate services in order to cover its needs, growth plans and financial expectations.

Our approach,in providing our professional services is based on the provision of quality instead of quantity.

Our method plays significant role during the stage of planning each project, aiming to the minimum risk and the guarantee of the successful completion of the project.

The promise of achieving the best quality and completeness of the services provided is the strategic target of our Company, due to our belief that our clients’ growth is resulting to our company’s growth.

We stand by our clients as a reliable partner. Together, we can lay a solid foundation and build bridges towards the future!

Our experience in multidisciplinary consultancy offers a stable foundation for success.