Orion is a modern company of chartered accountants, with structures
adapted to the requirements of today.

The Company

Orion is a modern company of chartered accountants, with structures adapted to the requirements of today.

Focusing on our philosophy, to contribute positively to a difficult business environment, we understand needs and particularities, we adapt to them and we always offer the best of our services.

At Orion we believe in information and knowledge and we invest in the timely and validly informed customer. The transfer of knowledge and experience is a key goal in our quest to be really useful and not just accomplices.

The experienced and specialized executives of Orion, with dedication to what they do and with a high sense of responsibility, are the cornerstone of the values ​​that
πρεσβεύουμε και παρέχουν όλα τα εχέγγυα ποιότητας των υπηρεσιών μας.

We make your problems our own. We make every effort to understand them from your point of view and to solve them. Our goal is to add value to your business, because we are not here for our own good. we are here for you. We stand by our customers as a reliable partner. Together, we can lay a solid foundation and build bridges to the future! Your success is the driving force behind our work.


Audit and Assurance Services

With full respect for the importance of independent control, as a guarantee of the reliability of financial statements, we have the will to go one step further. We perceive control not as a fulfillment of a corporate obligation, but as something much broader.

We keep the channels of communication with your companies constantly open and gain in-depth knowledge of how they operate, in order to help identify risks and opportunities.

Tax Services

Orion has a fully organized tax department, consisting of specialized executives, who monitor the constant changes in the relevant legislation and tax audit procedures.

Our tax services are not limited to the logic of corporate tax compliance, but focus on tax planning.

Consulting Services

In a volatile business environment and in the current difficult economic times, consulting services are becoming more useful than ever. The use of external know-how is the fastest and most economical solution for businesses.

Orion can effectively support business executives in making fast and correct business decisions.